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New Comic Arrivals Week 19

Pre Order Update & New (dry) Comic Arrivals

New Comic Arrivals

Week 19

Click the brand title to view all new arrivals online. Click the comic title to view specific cover variants online. Incentives & Exclusives can be found at the bottom. Check our webshop for more!

Why does it always rain on me?

We had a “fun” week! Venlo (Our hometown) experienced some heavy rainfall (see videos below). So last week we had to swim to get to your orders. We have had some damaged goods and had to credit some of your orders. Sorry for that! Moving forward it could occur that some comics can’t be delivered due to damage. We are working as hard as we can to update our stock but note this heads up. Maybe some older issues are gone forever. :’(

Pre Orders Update!

We’ve received a few missing comics available for pre-order. Check them out in Category “May Add-on” or click the link below to scroll through directly.

Missing items:

(Not all items have a picture yet, we’re working to update them asap!)

Regular pre-order website:

Now to the highlight of the week:

New (Dry) Comic arrivals

Independent & others

Keep refreshing for more...

We are working as fast as we can. Check our webshop for the latest additions to our collection. Looking for something special feel free to mail us at [email protected]

Thanks for being awesome!